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Our Story

Since 2001, we at ttcInnovations have proudly collaborated with learning teams at top Fortune 500 companies to develop custom learning solutions. While our signature team-based outsourcing service is one our clients have known and loved for years, our partners in innovation wanted additional options to empower and augment their teams to solve for resource constraints.

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To meet this evolving need, we began placing trusted Innovators into staff augmentation roles as agile and qualified learning experts, serving as scalable resources for our clients’ internal learning teams.

With nearly two decades of experience resourcing expert talent for our projects, the transition into the world of contingent workers and supplying Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold® to our clients was natural and one we were happy to dive into, but we wanted to do it right. So, we donned our researcher hats earlier this year and asked ourselves —

  • What are our clients’ greatest operational and personnel challenges?
  • Where and how are other staffing vendors missing the mark?
  • How can we truly provide a best-in-class, on-demand talent management solution?

What we discovered led us to the ultimate staffing solution — Innovators on Demand®!

We provide specialized and onboard-ready contingent workers for learning and development teams in need of Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold®. In just two business days*, you’ll receive qualified candidates who will meet and exceed your temporary talent needs.

*upon completion of MSA and approved funding

Our Passion

We believe learning and development teams are the heart and soul of organizations! Our vision is to become the preferred partner for learning and development by providing project teams and Innovators on Demand® to support content development and staffing needs. Our passion is serving our clients with the highest levels of integrity, quality, innovation, and responsiveness. We are devoted to remaining unsurpassed in client satisfaction.

We strive to maintain our reputation as a:

  • Professional woman-owned small business with principles and integrity
  • Friendly organization that supports our Innovators
  • Willing and trusted client partner
  • Generous organization, giving of time and resources

Our Team

Here are five fun facts that you might not know about us:
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Our Beliefs

We believe passionately:
  • That the power behind your company lies in your people and that L&D sparks both innovation and change
  • That our clients don’t need another training vendor — they need a thought partner, a true extension of their team that has the courage, acumen, and integrity to champion for their needs
  • That custom training can be both personalized and cost-effective when the right strategy and resources collide
  • That true innovation comes not from the tools or methods used, but rather the individuals who dare to question the status quo
  • That the secret to shared success is responsiveness and transparency
  • In the power of our agile, specialized, and onboard-ready Innovators on Demand®, who can offer Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold®.
  • In quality AND quantity, and that outsourced content development doesn’t have to sacrifice one over the other
  • In training with a purpose and creating meaningful learning experiences that drive the greatest impact on the business