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Innovator Profiles

On-Demand Training Talent /
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Learning Consultant
  • Senior Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Facilitator (live & virtual)
  • Admin & LMS Support
  • Editor
  • Quality Assurance

Daniel W.

Senior Instructional Designer

Bilingual senior instructional designer with over 20 years of experience in training analysis, design, and development. This aspiring beach bum possesses a wide skill set, including writing, editing, and expert proficiency in Articulate, Captivate, and Salesforce!

MT timezone

Bobbi S.

Senior Instructional Designer

Ocean-loving senior instructional designer with 28 years of experience partnering with leaders and stakeholders to align learning needs to business objectives within a variety of industries, including financial services, health insurance, and travel.

MT timezone

Dre’ M.

Program/Project Manager

Experienced program and project manager with over 18 years in the leadership and learning industry focusing on curriculum development, process mapping, and risk management. Dre’ begins each day with meditation and coffee with her Maltese, Twinkie.

ET timezone

Nia M.

Senior Instructional Designer

Adventurous senior instructional designer with 10 years of experience facilitating and designing training for international development and non-profit organizations. Nia keeps her creative juices flowing with a lunch-time bike ride, run, or yoga session.

ET timezone

Carmela D.

Instructional Designer

Efficient and service-oriented instructional designer with 16+ years of experience as a corporate trainer. Her two German Shepherds are always at her side as she cultivates her tool belt of skills and brings you engaging designs.

ET timezone

Paula E.

Project Manager

Seasoned project manager with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and a professional background spanning all aspects of the project life cycle, including consulting, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and evaluation.

CT timezone

Amy M.

Master Instructional Designer

Driven master instructional designer professional with 25 years of experience designing and facilitating both classroom and online training. Amy focuses on the creative implementation of adult learning theory, ADDIE and Kirkpatrick training, and other development models for proven success.

MT timezone

Jenny D.

Project Manager

Enthusiastic and determined project manager with 17 years of experience keeping clients organized and on time. With her high energy and attention to detail, as well as her ability to work well within a team, Jenny will get the job done seamlessly.

CT timezone

Susan B.

Instructional Technical Designer

Creative instructional technical designer and graphic designer with almost 30 years of experience delivering global learning technologies and traditional training content. With a Diet Mountain Dew in hand, Susan can tackle any project to accommodate business needs.

ET timezone

Jennifer D.

Senior Instructional Designer

Senior instructional designer, instructional technical designer, and CPLP® with 23 years of experience designing training programs aligned to business objectives and developing engaging eLearning courses. Jennifer carries her passion for teaching into monthly crafting sessions with friends.

ET timezone

Brock V.

Learning Consultant

Expert consultant, facilitator and instructional designer with 27 years’ experience leading large-scale learning initiatives and over 35 years of financial services expertise! Brock’s constant office companion is his champion show and racing Whippet, Grey.

ET timezone

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Our Clients Love to Innovate with Us

The testimonials are in and it's safe to say our partners love having Extra Hands You Don't Have to Hold®!

"We hit the double jackpot of superstars with Cindy & Sharon as our ID dream team and Jenny & Sharon as our PM legends! Turned into a triple-threat with Garrett on ITD work!! I was truly blessed to work with this great TTC team and wanted you to know their/your work was recognized up and down the ranks at the bank! We gave full credit to our awesome TTC team on every call and email exchange touting the wrap-up to this program. Thank you all so much for your outstanding work!"

“Everyone loves Doug! He fits right in with Amazonian culture.”

“Jennifer has done a great job thinking creatively about how we can leverage existing technology and mobile functionality to promote engaging and interactive experiences. She has also consistently met the project timeline with each deliverable. We look forward to continuing the work with her!”

"John was great!! He took our objectives and what we’ve already drafted, and quickly turned it around into a simple and intuitive activity. He was very responsive and helped with integrating it into our learning platform as well. I was pleased with his work, professional, and service. Thank you!"

“Instead of having to assign internal resources at the beginning of a project when resource needs are still uncertain, they [ttcInnovations] have the ability to recognize and deploy additional resources when needed, such as to meet tight deadlines or for components that require a special skill set. This just-in-time ability to pull in resources instead of trying to predict when a resource might be needed is critical to budget and resource allocation. Essentially, this allows the bank to expand their head count of instructional designers who are permanently assigned throughout the project, instead of taking internal resources away from business-as-usual projects.”

"You provided talented, skilled and experienced experts who became invaluable members of the learning team."

"I wanted to pass on my deep appreciation for the work that Mary Ellen Van Buskirk did during her most recent assignment with the bank. Without exception, she was recognized for her skills, ability to work with clients and on-time delivery. She was very tactful —but strong — in attempting to change client thinking to a more instructionally sound approach. Kudos to Mary Ellen. She will be on my list if and when we get the OK to bring on staff aug again."

"She [Christy] has been outstanding! My team loves her and will be sad to see her go. She has been tremendously flexible and able to keep many projects in motion at one time. She understood the concept very quickly and promoted ideas that fit with what we were looking for (a contemporary, easily consumable curricula that would appeal to broad range of learners). She met deadlines, and exceeded expectations with the pieces she produced. This isn’t a business as usual model for us, so we were all in a situation where we were creating the rules as we went along and having Christy allowed us to approach development needs in a way that made sense for the project and program. Thanks!"

"Given the time constraints and availability of internal resources, I’ve had greater success working with ttcInnovations than in trying to put together internal teams. Their deep knowledge of the bank, this project, business acumen, and the ability to be agile with process, including being able to develop on the fly, provided the type of staff augmentation necessary for a major project. The Innovators training and experience allowed them to think beyond the structure of how the bank typically does things."

"I wanted to let you know how much I and my teammates have enjoyed working with Darla. She is regarded as a skilled ID with the perfect approach to difficult projects and clients. Darla will be missed and, when and if we are able to resource staff augs again, she will be on my list. Please pass on our thanks to Darla and the rest of the folks at TTC."

“Through collaboration and communication, the Innovators worked with the project team to coordinate a real-time review and update process to ensure the updates were made in time to meet our deadline. This effort required the team to reprioritize their day-to-day activities to meet this target. Their can-do attitude, sense of humor, and commitment to task were critical in meeting our deadline. Thank you for your tireless commitment and support over the last week.”

"I wanted to reach out and recognize Susan for her unbelievable patience and all of her efforts in helping us get our training published and live. She really has been a breath of fresh air to work with and has done a great job throughout this process! Thanks Susan!!"

"The team took the time to understand the project’s objectives and craft a comprehensive training to meet the objectives."

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